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Due to the new contract for the delivery for the qualification being checked and signed off as the colleges are merging the branch asks for patience from those applying for there NVQ. The college and Skillset apologise for the delay but be reassured it will be up and running very soon. The branch will advise by the Usual avenues (FaceBook, Grip vine and Website) when the college is ready to receive applications again.

Amersham & Wycombe College

Amersham & Wycombe College is the leading general Further Education college and vocational education provider in Buckinghamshire.  The College has strong links with industry which ensures that courses are highly relevant and students are work-ready - onward employability of students is what drives Amersham & Wycombe College.

Inclusive and forward thinking, the College provides an environment and support system that helps students make the most of themselves, whatever their backgrounds, developing their knowledge and skills and inspiring them to achieve their highest potential.

The College is now in the enviable position of offering training and qualifications for Grips within the world of TV and film production.  The College is the only establishment in the whole of the UK to offer Grip qualifications based on a set of industry standards drawn up by industry professionals within Creative Skillset. The qualifications can be taken by experienced industry professionals through workplace assessment in the studio or out on location.

This Qualification is based on a set of industry standards drawn up by industry professionals and insiders with Skillset. (The audio & visual sector skills council)

These standards are being awarded by U.A.L. (University Of The Arts) and delivered by Amersham & Wycombe College which is an approved assessment centre.

There are Three qualifications; Grips Level 2 & 3. Crane Techs Level 2. Each qualification is set to the highest standards of an individuals professional skills within their respective craft grade used within the Film & TV industries.

Grips Level 2 consists of 7 units;

X1 Contribute to good working relationships
X2 Ensure your own actions reduce risks to health & safety
G3 Rig static mounts for a production.
G4 Lay basic flat track.
G6 Rig camera dollies.
G8 Rig remote heads & systems.
G11 Track the camera.

Crane Techs Level 2 consists of 6 units;

X1 Contribute to good working relationships.
X2 Ensure your own actions reduce risks to health & safety.
G4 Lay basic flat track.
G8 Rig remote heads & systems.
G11 Track the camera.
G7 Rig camera cranes.


Grips "Advanced" Level 3 consists of 10 units; ( an individual cannot apply to take this qualification until they have been passed competent in their Level 2 qualification)

X1 Contribute to good working relationionships.
X3 Conduct an assessment of risks on the workplace
G1 Recce the locations for shooting requirements
G2 Select & use equipment
G5 Lay complex track.
G7 Rig camera cranes.
G9 Rig car mounts & use ropes & strops.
G10 Rig tracking cars & trailers.
G12 Track & swing the crane arm.
G13 Elevate & track the camera.

Each of the above units is broken down further into;

Knowledge & Understanding - this outlines the knowledge you are expected to have in order to perform your job

Performance statements - this outlines what you have to do, to show you can perform the tasks.


Assessment is carried out by a team of qualified working professional Grips, all of who have over 30 years each of professional experience working on high end motion pictures worldwide. All have been trained as A1 Assessors. A candidate will be allocated an Assessor once they have been accepted to begin their respective qualification. This will mean going through a vetting process to prove their status as either a Grip or Crane Tech. To apply to take the qualification an individual must have been working professionally as a Grip or Crane Tech for a minimum of 2 years within the industry, and must supply a detailed CV plus references. These will be checked and those references contacted to vouch for a candidate and in what capacity they have worked with an individual and on what productions.

A Grips Level 2 candidate will need at least 6 Key Grips they have worked with as signatories, and to supply references & testimonials, this also applies to the Crane Techs qualification. An "Advanced" Level 3 Grip candidate will need to supply at least 6 references and testimonials from Camera Operators & D.O.P.'s.

Each qualification in the assessment process has a number of effective methods of assessing. Observation, simulation, plus questioning, & professional discussion. Logbooks, documentation & product evidence is also required.

A timeframe of between 18 month & 2 years is permitted to complete a qualification, although a candidate can complete much sooner than this if dedicated and able to fulfil all the criteria needed to be passed competent. Level 2 qualifications are allocated 3 assessments. The Level 3 qualification is allocated 4 assessments. The Assessor will make all this clear to a candidate once they have been assigned to them.

The assessment centre is unable to alter the assessment requirements, practice & procedures as this would undermine the credibility of the qualifications. Any issues relating to the standards need to be referred to Skillset or the awarding body.

The above is a brief overview and synopsis of the three qualifications listed.


Flow Chart
Flow Chart
Flow Chart


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