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TRAINING - Updates coming in 2019.


The Certified Grips & Crane Techs Branch announce that a series of 6 Grips Masterclasses

The Certified Branch are pleased to announce that there will be a series of Skillset funded H.E.T.V. Masterclasses for 2017. These have been scheduled to commence the last week in January and carry on through to early March 2017. To fulfil the funding criteria the classes will once again be held at either Dukes Island or Black Island Studios - Locations to be confirmed - both are near good public transport links and have permanent catering facilities and include a seating area to conduct the introduction and form filling requirements.  The Masterclasses will cover a range of equipment and skills and we are pleased to say that we are once again being supported by all our partners who are supplying the equipment and facilities. Branch would like to extend our thanks to Chapman UK, Panavision Europe, Arri Media, Bickers Action Vehicles, Louma, Camera Revolution and the Dukes/Black Island group.

The 1st Weekend Masterclass will be held on Saturday/Sunday 28th-29th January. Location TBC.

This class will include demonstrations and safe working practice of the Hexatron + Techno 30’ with top mount, Louma Crane & a fixed arm ride on crane + additional skills requirements connected with the equipment and kit being demonstrated. Tutors on this weekend will be David Cadwallader, John Flemming and Adam Samuelson, plus 2 qualified crane techs. 


Masterclass Masterclass Masterclass
Masterclass Masterclass Masterclass
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Masterclass Masterclass Masterclass
Masterclass Masterclass Masterclass
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Creative SkillSet


Creative Skill SET      GRIPS BRANCH     BECTU

THE BECTU CERTIFIED GRIPS AND CRANE TECHNICIANS BRANCH, WITH THEIR PARTNERS CREATIVE SKILLET, are holding two introductory seminars to select a new intake of Grip trainees.

Successful applicants will have the opportunity to begin a career in the TV & FILM Industry as a Grip trainee. The initial seminar will introduce the roles and responsibilities of professional Grips and will outline critical aspects and essential craft skills required to pursue a career in this grade of the TV & FILM industry.

Applicants will not need prior knowledge of the TV & Film industry but will need a basic understanding of mechanics, construction and have a mature attitude to health and safety. An aptitude to physically and mentally demanding work would be advantageous. Successful applicants will proceed to a second round of interviews with the goal of being invited to become an official Grips Branch trainee. Successful applicants are then placed on TV & Film productions and trained while working under the supervision of certified advanced Level 3 Grips and other industry professionals. One day seminars will be held in Manchester and London, dates and venues to be confirmed.