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A controlled accident.


In the interest of Health and Safety, the Grips Branch have the following requirements for safe working practices within the Grip Department.


    • Camera Cranes 30' and UNDER - 1 x Lvl 2 Crane Technician and 2 x Grips (including a Level 3 Grip) required + Head Technician for Stabilised Head, if used.

    • Camera Cranes OVER 30'  - 2 x Lvl 2 Crane Technician and 2 x Grips (including a Level 3 Grip) required + Head Technician for Stabilised Head, if used.

      • Off-Road Crane Bases - 1 x Additional Crane Technician required if Crane is over 30'.

    • Tracking Vehicles and Car Rigging - 1 x Additional Grip required.

    • Minimum Recommended Personnel (1 x camera shoot with Dolly) - 4 - (eg. 1 x Grip, 1 x Trainee, 1 x Standby Carpenter & 1 x Standby Rigger). Each additional camera should have at least an additional Grip. 

  • A Dolly should be operated by at least a Level 2 Grip or should be supervised by at least a Level 2 Grip. 

  • Dolly Lifts should be a minimum of 4 people, and 6 for larger dollies or use suitable lifting equipment and be given the time to do so.

  • Tracking Vehicles and External car rigs being used on a public roads should be supervised by a Level 3 Grip, as per the Met Police Guidance 2016 (available below).

    • Tracking Vehicles should be fit for purpose with necessary fixing points for the working load expected.

    • Tracking Vehicles should only be driven by an experienced Precision Driver. ​

    • All crew travelling on the vehicle should wear harness and all cameras should be fixed with a secondary safety line in case of accident. 

  • Excessive Working Hours should be minimised where possible and accommodation requests from the Key Grip & Best Boy Grip should be taken seriously.

  • Cameras should not be placed within the path of a moving vehicle unless it is a lock off or remotely operated. Crew should not be placed in the path of a moving vehicle, horse, carriage or heavy moving object.

On 18th November 2017, Mark Milsome was killed on a film set in Ghana whilst operating a camera for a stunt that went tragically wrong. The Mark Milsome Foundation was set up in 2018 at the request of Mark's wife, Andra, and at launch the industry witnessed over 4,000 cast & crew wearing Black T-Shirts in Mark's honour. a truly moving event. 

"No one should die for a shot. And nor should it even be a possibility ever again." - Rory Kinnear

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