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Bectu and Mark Milsome Foundation team up to study crew perceptions on safety - a survey

Bectu is partnering up with The Mark Milsome Foundation to conduct a survey on safe-working for UK shooting crews.

Entitled "A few minutes for Mark", this important perception survey’s findings will be used to guide the campaigning work of both organisations on this issue.

Mark Milsome, a Camera Operator, was killed whilst filming a car stunt in Ghana on the 18th November 2017. The Mark Milsome Foundation was founded in his honour to promote safe-working on film sets.

When the industry fully returns to work, we want to ensure that employers are committed to improving on-set safety. We are asking everyone who works as part of a UK Shooting Crew to take a few minutes out in Mark's memory and help us to understand your perception of the way that your safety at work is safeguarded on High End TV Drama (HETV) and Feature Films productions, including Commercials, encompassing factual / entertainment shows where the work is similar to the filming of scripted drama.

The results will be used by both organisations to help us shape our campaigning work going forwards.

The survey will close at 9am on Monday 13th November 2023.

You can fill out the survey here:

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