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BECTU stand in #solidarity with the 52,706 IATSE Members who voted to Strike.

Bectu applauds the incredible result of the IATSE ballot marks the first nationwide industry strike in the union’s 128-year history. 90% of eligible members cast their vote, with 98.68% voting to authorize a strike to address poor working conditions in the TV industry.

IATSE are fighting for basic rights for employers and freelancers, including meal breaks, reasonable rest, sustainable benefits and a fair living wage. These are global issues that affect freelancers across the world, and IATSE’s efforts in securing fair working conditions have sparked a global conversation about ways in which we can better the film and TV industry.

IATSE’s ballot coincided with the beginning of renegotiation talks between Bectu and Pact regarding the TV Drama Agreement, with a committed and renewed focus on tackling long hours culture and prioritising mental health and wellbeing at work. We are committed to producing an improved agreement that is respected by industry leaders and most importantly, the employees and freelancers who are affected.

The fight against long hours has reached a critical point, and Bectu is proud to stand in solidarity with IATSE, whose efforts to secure fair working conditions have united freelancers across the world in a shared experience and encouraged unions to create a fairer industry for workers.

Philippa Childs, Head of Bectu says: “The extraordinary result of the IATSE ballot really demonstrates how the fight against long hours culture is a global issue that deserves international attention. We are proud to stand alongside IATSE and all workers in the film and TV industry, united in our commitment to eradicate the long hours culture that has plagued the industry for far too long.”


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