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Crane Technicians' generosity knows no bounds.

Larry Hurt, Crane Technician and member of the Branch, has shown great generosity and kindness, along with other freelance Technicians and staff from Panavision in organising a fundraiser for friend and colleague Felix Pages, following on from a cancer diagnosis this year. They've raised £5,190 to date. A huge amount. He took to Facebook to post the news.

To all my industry friends this man will need no introduction, but for those that don’t know Felix Pages is ‘the man behind the curtain’ at Panavision Grips, quietly tinkering away with camera cranes all day everyday.

Since the late 90’s Felix was working at Technovision building & maintaining the worlds first fleet of telescopic camera cranes, then since the mid 00’s Felix has been maintaining & rebuilding all of Panavision endless fleet of camera cranes & mobile bases, making our lives easier for all us freelance crane technicians out in the field.

As our very own Timmy Tight-Pants put it so well yesterday “The term legend isn’t banded around often but rarely so well deserved”! Felix is quite simply a legend in his own right, he has done some much for us freelancers through all his dedication & professionalism, along with his good nature and helpful attitude.

Which is why I decided, after the rubbish year Felix has had with his throat cancer, to create a fund raiser for him amongst all the freelance crane technicians & some of the Panavision staff who have very generously donated to show their appreciation to this wonderful man.

I went to Panavision yesterday to break the news to Felix and to apologise to him that I had been speaking to his wife Natalia Pages behind his back. Natalia managed to keep the secret and helped me through the last few weeks trying to figure out what we can buy Felix as a gift, as it first started out as a day out at Mercedes World. Then the pot kept growing and Tim Dean came up with the idea of getting Felix a ride in a Spitfire, which his wife said although Felix really loves planes from a mechanical point of view he’s as scared of flying like B.A. Baracus from the A-team ”you ain’t getting me on no plane fool”!

However the pot has grown to an unbelievable amount, we collectively managed to raise £5190 in total, so once Felix is well enough to travel then Felix & his wife Natalia will end up going somewhere romantic on holiday together with the money.

The look on Felix’s face yesterday was priceless, he didn’t know anything about it and certainly wasn’t expecting it, he was holding back the tears as he read all the names in the card and the message that accompanied it.

I believe good things should happen to good people, so I wanted Felix to know how much we appreciate all his hard work & dedication to his job, how much we respect him & hold him in such high regards, but above all how much we all love him. Felix my friend you are loved beyond measure! ❤️

Felix responded to the news with a great deal of emotion.

Hello friends and colleagues. I really really don't have the words to say how you've all made me feel!! I never imagined in my wildest dreams that I would have such a beautiful gesture done for me. To think that so many of you hold me in such high regard is really touching. I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart and I wish you all a Happy Xmas and a Happy New Year. God bless. Felix xx

Well done to everyone involved in organising this for Felix. In such difficult times, the generosity of others for a well loved colleague is incredible to witness. What a gift!

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