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Dennis Fraser MBE honoured at the BSC Awards.

Updated: Feb 5

Congratulations to Dennis Fraser MBE for his honour at the 68th Annual BSC Awards.

Dennis has dedicated his life to furthering the craft of Gripping and we wish him well on his retirement.

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Unknown member
Feb 05

Something that is long overdue, well done and congratulations to Dennis. He has been a guiding light for our Branch and his work ethic and dedication is an example to all of the industry. To any young would be Grips if you want to learn how to do it, check out Dennis's career and how he worked.


Unknown member
Feb 04

Congratulations Den, I know this came as a complete surprise to you, but it’s so very well deserved. I know I can speak for our fraternity in saying , thank you for everything you have achieved on our behalf over these last several decades. Selflessly and doggedly soldering on to promote our skills, further our careers and raise our profile to where it belongs within the industry. Enjoy every moment, it’s been well earned old pal.


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