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Happy Retirement - A Warm Farewell to Dennis Fraser MBE

Congratulations to Dennis Fraser MBE on his retirement from Chapman U.K.

Dennis is due to step down from Chapman UK on Friday 29th September.

The Grips Branch would like to take this opportunity to thank Dennis for all that he has done for gripping in the U.K. His contributions over decades has been marked by a commitment to excellence and an unwavering dedication to the profession of Gripping. The Grip and Crane Techs qualification unique to the United Kingdom is owed largely to Dennis’s vision for the craft skills.

His legacy will continue to inspire young and old grips alike. Many have been mentored over the years by Dennis who has  always strived for recognition for the Grip department.

Enjoy your retirement.

Thank you for your years of service. Your presence  will be dearly missed.




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Unknown member
Oct 11, 2023

I’m B


Unknown member
Sep 28, 2023

Dear Dennis.

an immeasurable contribution to our grade, raising our profile almost single handedly over many decades, and gaining respect for Grips within the industry. Thanks for everything both on a personal note and and as a member of our department.

Although I don’t believe we have heard the last from you just yet, enjoy your retirement from Chapman UK.

all the best my friend.


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