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New Purple Badge Grips!

Well done to the following trainees and uncertified grips for completing their Purple Badge assessment on Saturday: -

Ryan West

Leigh Hempsall

Patrick Gillespie

Callum Greenwood

Connor McCarthy

Ché Loncraine

James Lyall

Scott Rhodes

Matt Gasper

Lewis Rees

Nele Wölk

Cameron Rozzard

Jack Oliver

They have all met the requirements to progress their careers either as uncertified grips or applying for the Level 2 Qualification. The standard was incredibly high and it’s good to see that the training being provided on set will ensure that the next generation of Grips will continue the long standing tradition of UK Grips being regarded as the best in the world.

A massive thank you to the Grips who gave up their Saturday morning to act as the assessors, as well as Dean Amor at Arri for allowing us to use their space and equipment to conduct the assessments.

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