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Becoming a Trainee

The Grips Branch has always maintained a high standard of training. Being a Grip is a vocation, not a stepping stone to a different department. The best way to know if being a grip is for you is to become a runner in Film & TV and speak to Grips on set. Observe what they do and ask questions. This will also help you to find your Certified proposer (qualified Grip to support your application).

It is important for trainees of any kind to walk before they run; i.e. don't over sell your experience. You should have confidence in the things you do and know, but there is a line between being confident and being cocky, which is often the route to an accident. 


Criteria for Trainees

  • Must have a passion for Film and TV.

  • Must be over 19 years of age.

  • Must know what a Grip does.

  • Must be a member of the BECTU. (Click here to join)

  • Must have a Certified Proposer (qualified Grip to support your application.)

  • Must adhere to the Code of Conduct.

The Process

1 / Applying

Apply to join Bectu. Then once you have your membership number apply to become a trainee using the button at the bottom of this page.

We will review your application and contact you.

2 / What to expect

We cannot guarantee work via our Trainee Scheme. We are a platform for advertising opportunities within our network. 

Expect to be a trainee for around 3 years (or 400 shoot days).

Visit rental houses, immerse yourself in the equipment, maintenance and running of the floor. Ask questions. 

3 / The Online Log Book

You will be expected to complete an Online Log Book. This is to record your traineeship and will be used as evidence for your assessment day. Its also a great tool for you to keep a record for your Qualification portfolio when you take that.

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4 / Assessment

After you have done enough time as a Trainee to feel confident that you are ready to step-up to become a Grip you then apply for your Purple Badge Assessment. 

This assessment is a practical assessment at a rental house and is designed to ensure you have the adequate skills and knowledge to work as a Grip under the supervision of a Certified Grip.

Once you pass this you will be awarded a purple Uncertified Grip badge on your profile.

5 / Qualification

Once you've completed all the steps above you're ready to apply for your Level 2 Qualification. 

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Apply Now

Use the button below to complete the application form for the Grips Branch Trainee Scheme.

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