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Safe working remotely

How to maintain creative ambitions on set and comply to strict COVID-19 protocols.

How to get the shots you want with minimal interaction between cast and crew.

We cordially invite you to our ARRI Studio Space in Uxbridge, where you can safely explore a wide range of options for camera and lighting remote operation.

  • Remote camera operation using the Stabilized Remote Head SRH-3
  • Remote camera control with Wheels or Digital Encoder Head DEH-1 (Pan & Tilt head)
  • Explore smooth camera moves with remotely controlled Ronford-Baker slider
  • Check remote camera/lens control with WCU-4
  • Control lighting remotely with Stellar- the new intelligent App for professional lighting control
  • Hear from Charlie Rizek (Trinity operator 1917) the creative options Trinity can deliver whilst maintain social distancing with the cast including remote framing (subject to availability)

Date / Sessions
One week only - 5th - 9th October 2020
Session time: 10.30 - 12.30

ARRI Logo Due to COVID-19 restrictions the sessions are limited to 4 people only.

Strict social distancing will be adhered to with temperature checks on arrival. Hand sanitizer, masks & gloves will be provided.

RSVP to Siobhan Daly:


Veteran Lunch 2019

Once again old and youngish turned up to Rucola at little Chalfont. A new seating plan and plenty of cold beverages breathed life back into this yearly gathering. A big Thankyou to Nicola La Verghetta and the family at Rucola for making us feel welcome and feeding us your beautiful food.Also a big Thankyou to all the rental house bods who turned up. Outnumbered the junior ranks 3 to 1.

Nick Ray received a big Thankyou (and a bottle!) for his unseen efforts with the LPD committee representing for all of us in the grip community. (For those who don’t know what the LPD is I suggest you get educated!)

Let’s all digest for a year and see you all( including a younger members) Next Year!!



Hi All... I’m riding on behalf of the Princess Alice Hospice to raise funds for their great work... My Dad, Bob Smith spent his last weeks there during his battle with throat cancer... Dad was a fighter and didn’t call wrap but the Big C doesn’t care... Please donate to a great cause... Thanks Lads and Ladies

GETTING TO GRIPS - The Life and Work of Dennis Fraser

The Book Ed Lancaster has written about 'The Life & Work of Dennis Fraser' has now been published and, is available to purchase.

Dennis has generously donated all the proceeds to the Grips Benevolent Fund in their entirety. This is a coffee table hardback edition. The price is £25+P&P but you can make a larger donation if you wish. 

As the Branch Treasurer is working abroad, to order a copy please contact either Keith Mead 07885273186 or Tony Rowland 07790909771 with your name, address, telephone number and amount you want to donate and they will give you payment details over the phone to transfer the monies into the Grips Branch Benevolent Charity account at The Unity Trust Bank. Payment should be made prior to purchase.

Chapman UK will be dispatching the books. This is a very informative read about Gripping, with many iconic on-set photos. hope you all enjoy it. Thank you to both Dennis and Ed for their generousity and endeavors over this three year project.

Branch Committee.


On Monday 19th March, Dennis had a totally unexpected surprise when Tony Rowlands, Mark Fursseden and Darren Wood crept into the warehouse of Chapman/ Leonard UK to position the Fraser Dolly without Dennis noticing.

“It was amazing to see my old Dolly in such good shape. To be honest, I didn’t think I’d ever see it again and I am so grateful to my friends who were involved in arranging to have it restored and delivered back to me”. Dennis Fraser

Fraser Dolly Surprise from Chapman Leonard Studio Equipment on Vimeo.



Stabileye is a miniature stabilised head that weighs just 3.5 Kgs

It has been designed light so as to comply with the parameters required to fly beneath an aerial platform, so is light enough to be used in the hand without being encumbered with easy rigs or exosuits.

This means that you can move the camera from ground level to full reach during the shot and it is small enough so as to be discreet, very mobile and not in the way of the lighting.

But that's not the only way to wield Stabileye: it's just as at home on a vehicle, a wire rig or even a galloping horse. Its speed of setup and versatility can be relied on, and will give you absolutely perfect stabilised footage every time. 

It can accept cameras of a variety of sizes ranging from the Red Weapon to the Alexa Mini.  
Stabileye can support a wide range of small zoom and prime lenses right up to the new Panavision 65mm series with amazing results. 

Built in wireless capability can see a range of over 200 metres between the head and the controller, and the operator maintains control with proper handwheels and an audio link.



A guide to the BECTU/PACT TV Drama Agreement

BECTU and Pact have been in negotiations on a TV Drama agreement (the Agreement) that will cover all key working terms and conditions for crew engaged on indie UK drama and comedy. It is envisaged that most TV drama and comedy commissioned by independent producers will be covered by the Agreement.

A copy of the proposed agreement can be found in resources
Information on consultation events can be found in the diary

The need for an agreement

BECTU is recommending that its members accept the Agreement by voting for it in a ballot that will be issued to participating branches of the union in May 2017. The union believes that:

  •  this agreement is the best one that can be achieved through negotiation

  •  the absence of an agreement over many years has resulted in a long-term erosion of terms and conditions and the long working hours used in TV drama are a consequence of that

  • this proposed agreement also represents significant improvements in standard working practices in the UK TV industry.

Improvements in standard working practices 

Under the Agreement, crew engaged on a TV Drama will have a full statement of their terms and conditions at the start of their engagement. They will be provided with a "deal memo" (examples will be provided during the consultation) that details pay rates, hours, planned locations and other important terms and conditions. 

This will protect all crew working on the production, and under the Agreement crew will not be asked to start work without knowing their rates, terms and conditions.


Annual Veterans Lunch - 2017









Masterclass Masterclass Masterclass
Masterclass Masterclass Masterclass
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On Saturday 23rd April the Certified Branch held its 4th Annual Veterans Lunch, returning to our favourite Italian restaurant, ‘The Ruccola’ in Uxbridge. Call time was 12.30. sharp to meet & greet old friends, quaff Prosecco and warm up before the scoff. About 30 members old and new sat down to enjoy good food & fine wine, and talk a load of old rubbish -as only old pals can- well into the afternoon. Veterans had flown in from America and France to attend. Past chairman Nick Pearson delivered the thank you speech, which included a potted history of the Branch along with some amusing and incriminating anecdotes about how we started and who we have to blame for everything that's happened since, over the last 31 years. Nick who had never cracked under questioning before named names (apart from Billy Geddes), so we can only assume that the Chianti & Amaretto over ice got the better of him by the time pudding arrived. Thankfully there were no other revelations on the day, apart from the fact that Brian ‘Ossie’ Osborne at 91 is our oldest member, Ossie worked on the Dam Busters, amongst other gems!

It was also a pleasure for Branch to welcome some of our sponsors, and to extend our thanks and appreciation for the contributions they make each year to the Grips Benevolent Fund, amongst many other things they do for us. Without this invaluable help Branch would not be able to achieve some of the good works we undertake throughout the year, and their continued support is much appreciated by one and all. Ours is a unique industry, and to have the opportunity for all of us to get together, welcome our veterans, chew the cud and, raise a glass or six in celebration is most welcome.

It would seem that the ‘Veterans Lunch’ has now become a regular fixture in the grips annual calendar which everyone looks forward to. So to that end the committee will meet to set a regular annual date for your diary. It has been suggested that the 1st Saturday in May after the May day bank holiday weekend would be a good one to pick. So watch this space. Committee would also like to take this opportunity to say to ALL branch members that the Veterans Lunch is open to all of you. Young, middle aged or senior, everyone is welcome. That includes Crane Techs too. To all those who attended, thanks for making this lunch such a memorable event. A special thank you to James Sams our joint Treasurer, along with Toby Plaskitt, Louisa Court & Vice Chairman Keith Mead for all their hard work in organising this years event and wrangling the membership. And a special thank you to Ed Lancaster for taking the stills again this year. Enjoy! See you all again next year.

New branch T-shirt to celebrate 30 years of the grips and crane technicians branch.

T- shirts are £10.00 each.

The shirts come in white and black and all proceeds with go to the benevolent fund.

T-Shirt - Celebrating 30 years anniversary

Colours Sizes