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Level Diploma in Professional Competence for Crane Technicians

This qualification is for Crane Technicians, covering best practices, laying basic crane track, rigging camera cranes (modular & telescopic) and rigging remote head systems (inc. stabilised).

What will I learn?

There are 6 units to complete, each unit listed below describes what you must be able to demonstrate and competently achieve on production. Being competent means that you can do a task to a skilled level, understand why it is done that way and solve associated problems. 


  1. Ensure your own actions reduce risks to health and safety

  2. Contribute to good working relationships

  3. Track the camera Lay basic flat track

  4. Rig camera cranes

  5. Rig remote heads and systems


Three work-based assessments will be carried out to assess all units of the qualification. You will also be required to write up log-books and provide photographic evidence of work undertaken in each unit area. The qualification is expected to take approximately 12 months to complete.


Entry Requirements

  • At least 2 years experience working as an Uncertified Technician

  • 5 x Certified Level 3 Grip References

What will I be qualified to do?

  • Lay basic crane track

  • Track the base of a crane

  • Set-up camera cranes of any size provided their is the sufficient number of technicians present

  • Rig remote heads and stabilised remote heads following head specific training

Interested? Contact us now.

Please contact Martin Horstead at Bucks College in order to apply for your qualification or use the button below to submit an enquiry.

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