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5th Annual Veterans’ Lunch - 2018

A Very enjoyable afternoon was had by all at the 5th Annual Veterans lunch. Our new venue Rucola at Little Chalfont didn't prove to unmanageable to find and everyone settled in on the deck out the front to have a refresher and to catch up with old friends. About 25 old and youngish grips sat down to a splendid lunch with appropriate refreshments. A special presentation was held to thank Tony Rowland and David Cadwallader for their tireless efforts over the years. Chapman Spanners donated by the Generous Dennis Fraser and mounted by Vice Chair Keith Mead making a splendid addition to their trophy cabinets. A special thank to all the company representatives who came along( good to see you fellas with a drink in your hand instead of a phone). After a great meal and a bit of Red wine we headed home with the oldest member Brian ‘Ossie’ Osbourne being one of the last to leave.

Looking forward to next years lunch and please remember all members of Branch are welcome to come. You will hear funny stories and tall tails ,have a bite to eat and maybe learn a bit from some Legends.

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