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Jean-Marie Lavalou: 9th March 1946 - 16th July 2022

The film industry lost a legend.

Jean-Marie Lavalou, co-creator of the worlds first remote control camera system sadly passed away in Paris on the 16th July 2022.

Born into a well known family of Camembert cheese makers in Normandie, Jean-Marie’s life path would change forever when he met his inventor partner Alain Masseron. Together they created unseen before camera movements while making a film inside a submarine. It was the start of the Louma.

It was Jean-Marie who brought together the many talented engineers that made his and Alain’s vision possible. Many would say he was obsessive - and he was. The Louma and the magic of the cinema was his passion which he pursued relentlessly. He lived his dream of working with likes of Polanski, Spielberg and was forever in awe of Directors and DPs.

Receiving the Academy Award with his co inventors was an undoubted highlight but for Jean-Marie, I think he got the most pleasure from his ‘world’ tour thanking the people that he had worked with along the way.

He was my mentor, my partner in business and most of all my friend. Blind loyalty from both sides. Some stressful times but also some fantastic evenings drinking the finest of wines. His generosity of time and friendship was without limit. I shall miss the phone calls, the humour and seeing him in the office where he probably spent more time than anywhere else.

The L O and U from his name form the first three letters of LOUMA - the worlds first remote camera system for the motion picture industry.

It always will be and Jean-Marie will never be forgotten.

- Adam Samuelson, July 2022

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