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Jimmy Dawes: 7th March 1924 - 2nd November 2018

Jimmy was born in Ulverston, Lancashire, in 1924. He moved to Borehamwood when he was a teenager, as his father, Richard Dawes, was a builder and came to build houses in the expansion of North London. His mother, Emily, found work at Elstree Studios, as an extra in crowd scenes. The various film studios were a significant opportunity for employment in Borehamwood.

However, at the age of 20, Jimmy enlisted in the Navy and played a part in delivering troops onto the beaches during the D - Day Landings in 1944. After the War, he met Brenda Chapman, an Army Corporal, at a dance in The Red Lion and they were married in 1948. They went on to have five children and Jimmy took on a labouring job at MGM Studios, in order to support a growing family.

He was soon recognised as someone with skill and enthusiasm and progressed as a Grip; building a good reputation, meaning he was often first on the requirements from the Director / Cameraman to work on the next film. (refer: "Getting to Grips" page 31).

He has worked on many notable films, such as:

The Elephant Man Sea Wife The French Lieutenants Woman Doctor Zhivago Where Eagles Dare Laurence of Arabia Ryans Daughter Jimmy was a popular Grip and was always keen to pass on his skills and knowledge to the next generation.

Grips Branch Chairman: 1985 - 1992

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20 de set. de 2023

I had just started Gripping and had a commercial that required the Titan crane. Production said: "We've got you a second man, Jimmy Dawes". Up to this time, I'd never met Jim and had heard stories that he could be a bit "stern". So a mate of mine, another Grip when I told him him of my concern about having such an experienced Grip working with me, said: "Just relax and make it clear your in charge". This advice didn't help my apprehension, so there we are on the day, I'm in early and I hear the crane arriving outside of the stage. In walks Jim, he speaks to a couple of the crew comes over to me and says:…

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