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New APA Agreement for 2010

Since 2004 the Grips Association have negotiated the terms and conditions under which grips are employed with the APA. Throughout this time we have had a wide-ranging, continuous, productive and ongoing discussion with the APA regarding pay, terms and conditions, our qualifications, insurance, health and safety and the current economic conditions we all find ourselves in. Throughout 2009 we negotiated on behalf of grips to create a revised new agreement effective from 1st January, 2010. These negotiations have been conducted throughout a period of economic instability and it is to all our combined credit that our negotiations have always been open, good humoured and productive.

Our example has contributed to other professional bodies such as the Assistant Directors Association being formed to emulate our success with establishing qualifications, training and group negotiations. During 2010 we hope to continue our negotiations as economic conditions improve for APA member companies and to further increase awareness of our successful qualification and training program.

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