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PACT x BECTU: Belief Systems

Who do YOU support?

​Insisting that departments predominantly staffed by women work longer hours.

​Insisting that all workers are contracted to work the same hours.

​Insist the “Semi-Continuous Working Day” for Television Drama should be longer than for Motion Pictures.

​Want the same definition of “Semi-Continuous Working Day” across all PACT agreements.

​Insist that some workers should earn less money per hour in Overtime than Normal time.

​Believe that all workers should get 1.5x their hourly rate for Overtime.

​See weekends as legitimate working days whatever the cost to family life.

​Believe that weekend work is detrimental to family life and want a deterrent to prevent excessive scheduling of weekend work.

​Insist that some workers should work unpaid hours - prepping & wrapping equipment in their own time.

​Believe that all work should be paid work, whether shooting or prepping.

​Insist contracted workers should not be paid for Bank Holidays if not worked.

​Believe that contracted workers are entitled to payment for Bank Holidays if not worked.

​Lawyers at the helm representing producers.

​Crew members at the helm representing YOU!

Please visit BECTU's Work to Live Campaign website and register your support in making fundamental changes to your work/life balance.

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