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Veteran's Lunch - a great day out and Awards given.

Some Rusty old grips and a few brand new ones arrived at Italian Restaurant Rucola for the tenth year of the Veterans Lunch. After pre meal lubrication we sat down to another great meal fuelled by stories tall and not very short. It was great to see all the familiar faces back again.The Branch took the opportunity to recognise the contribution of Tony Rowland and David Cadwallader to the Certification which year on year becomes the premier film qualification.

Tony Rowland wrote:-

“Dear Grips Branch and our Committee,

I wanted to say a few words about how touched I was yesterday to receive my Lifetime Service award at the Grips Branch Veterans lunch, it came as a complete surprise, and I was thrilled to receive it, I know Caddie feels the same, and we were both bowled over by it. To receive any award gives you a lovely feeling, it’s both humbling and dare I say it, rewarding, but to receive it from your peers and colleagues in recognition is truly a privilege. Thank you.

Grips Branch is in good hands with our committee of dedicated individuals to steer a new generation of grips, Crane Techs and trainees forward. They will need your support to do what is more often than not a thankless task, but like those before them they are dedicated to improving our lot. Anyway, that’s enough of all this, as I’m getting giddy standing up on this soapbox, delivering the sermon to the great unwashed, I wish you all well, and I can say that while I still have the passion, energy and not least the support of you all, you haven’t seen nothing yet. Onwards and upwards!

Thanks a million”

Caddy’s words were just as Eloquent:-

“So Yesterday, Veterans lunch, well attended, Tony and I were presented with a wonderful surprise from the Grips Branch, thank you all so much. We are carrying on what Dennis with the help of Tony Cridlin started originally, which has given huge credibility to Grips, and envied in many other departments in the Film industry.

Personally I get a lot of Satisfaction to see a lot of you progressing and living your dream, honestly it is a dream job, working as a team to achieve the best results collectively, I always say it is like a drug, once it gets hold of you, you are hooked.

After receiving my award I felt truly humble, and if I have helped some of you on the way, then I will take those thoughts with me when I decide that I can no longer help anyone, the satisfaction of teaching has also had great rewards for me and my colleagues.

You haven’t heard the last of me yet, take care everyone, and thanks again it all makes it worthwhile.”

After coffees were finished and the last tiramisu eaten everyone moved on looking forward to the next event. A big Thank you to all who attended. A shout to our rental company representatives who always provide good company. Thank you to all the staff of Rucola who treat us so well.

The veterans lunch is on every May, all Grips, Techs, Trainees and affiliated crafts are welcome so please come if you get a chance it’s a great day out.

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Unknown member
May 17, 2023

Brilliant day, served up with lashings of wine, beer & good humour. Special thanks to the committee for sorting it out, especially our new treasurer Tino who is doing an excellent job.

Thanks too to all you lovely people who have donated on my just giving page for the Macmillan Mighty Hike that I’m doing on 11th June; there’s still plenty of time to raid the piggy bank if you feel that way inclined, they do magnificent work. The link is on the home page if you have the time.

Toby Plaskitt x


Unknown member
May 16, 2023

Looking forward to next year!!!thank you for a great day….

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